Welcome to the future of gift planning

The Sharpe Group is pleased to announce our latest web-based gift planning solution, Planning Perspectives 2.0. We believe it represents the most advanced major gift planning tool available today.

Planning Perspectives has been built using the latest Web 2.0 technology that has opened a new world of communication, information sharing, interactive solution development, and collaboration among donors, advisors, development professionals, and others involved in the gift-making process. Welcome to the new world of charitable gift planning.

Through Planning Perspectives, donors, advisors, and development officers can review the benefits of various gift plans, insert relevant information into examples, and create personalized illustrations they can save, print, or e-mail to others. Visitors to the site can accomplish all of this on their own or with the assistance of a development officer and/or an advisor. The service is designed to help development officers engage donors and advisors in meaningful interactions and complete more gifts while maximizing the return on time and other resources expended.

Donors’ advisors are provided with access to unparalleled planned giving information resources, including the Internal Revenue Service code and regulations as well as thousands of reference articles on the Planned Giving Design Center Web site, all directly accessible through context-sensitive live links contained in the Sharpe Advisor Content. Basic research that could have taken hours, and in some cases precluded the completion of a gift, can be accomplished in minutes.

Thank you for your interest in this exciting new opportunity in charitable gift planning.




Robert F. Sharpe, Jr.

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